Skid Steer Firewood Processor: Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking to make a business out of firewood, you would want to know more about a skid steer firewood processor. This equipment can help you big time for cutting and splitting wood logs into usable firewood. This can be worth an investment if you are looking to produce a large volume of firewood for commercial purposes throughout the year.

Some might think that one would only need firewood during the winter season. However, that’s not entirely true. There are various places where firewood is required throughout the year.

For example, restaurants that operate on wood-fired stoves for baking purposes need it every time. There are big hotels that have a fireplace in their lobby and they will keep on needing the firewood.

Similarly, places like campgrounds with fire pits, barbecue joints, warehouse stores, or gas stations are in constant demand for firewood most of the time.

When you have gauged the demand sources, it becomes more important for your business as to how can you now meet that demand through constant supply throughout the year. That is where a skid steer wood processor comes in handy.

All you need is to attach the particular log splitter to the front of the skid steer loader or commonly known as a bobcat. It can handle the large volume constantly and can help you grow your business. There are some skid steer wood splitters with saw which are capable of producing up to 2 cords of firewood per hour.

Different types skid steer firewood processors

Typically two types of log splitter can work as a firewood processor skid steer attachment which are also known as front end loader wood splitter. These are categorized into the traditional and cone-style skid steer log splitter. Both have their distinct advantages. We shall help you understand in detail about both in this article.


These are the ones that use the traditional mechanism of log splitting, i.e. split through the center of the log. The wedge goes through the center of the log and splits it into usable firewood. These firewood processors are comparatively less expensive.


You may find these processors mainly in three configurations.

  • In the conventional horizontal configuration, you may need to load the logs one by one manually on the splitter
  • The upside-down configuration provides some level of control at the user’s end and you can pick up the log from within the skid steer’s cab
  • The flip-flop configuration which allows the user to switch between vertical and horizontal positions

How to select the right skid steer processor for your business?

If you run a small-sized business and do not need very large wood logs for splitting, a traditional small wood processor can prove more than sufficient for your requirements. There are a few basic parameters you can look at while selecting the right skid steer firewood processor for your commercial needs.

Check the auto-return feature

This is an important feature that enhances the speed of execution during the log splitting. This function allows the wedge to return to its start position automatically after the splitting is done and hence giving you time to pick the next log and place it on the base. It saves those 5-10 extra seconds per splitting.

You can calculate how much productivity can be increased with this small function. In absence of this feature, your skid steer will require a 2-way hydraulic mechanism to send the wedge to its base position. You can also additionally install a direction control valve which will help you control the position of the wedge from the skid steer’s cab.

Gauge the quality of the hydraulic system

Hydraulics of a firewood processor can be considered its soul which provides power to its attachments. When the skid steer reaches a specified flow rate or pressure level, the performance of the processor reaches its peak. You can check the hydraulic flow rate of your skid steer firewood processor which is mentioned in the PSI on the product. Depending upon the output requirement, you can check what PSI levels are required for your firewood needs.

Size of logs you would be splitting

The traditional style skid steer firewood processors have a limit on the size of the log it can easily split. Logs sized between 2 to 3 feet can be perfectly split on a traditional one. In case your log size is more, you can switch to cone-style firewood processors.

If cost is a concern then you can buy any used skid steer firewood processor for sale available locally or online.

Cone-style Skid Steer Firewood Processor

In case your commercial operations fall in the category of mid to large size, it is advised that you invest your money in a good cone-style skid loader firewood processor. The splitters on these processors can handle large trunks of fallen trees or even other substantial logs that cannot be easily handled by a traditional skid steer firewood processor.

These kinds of log splitters do not use a traditional wedge to split the logs rather use a cone or drill mechanism for wood splitting. This makes their operation sturdier and thus making them a better option for hard logs. The very quality that they split the logs by drilling, you can trust them to handle big-sized logs or even the downed trees. The design of this processor is such that you don’t need to place the log base and wedge hence you can cut and split logs of any size.

Additionally, you can split any size of the log on these splitters because of the cone. These are also faster in operation. Due to the drilling functionality, the splitting operation gets done in a very quick time even for hard and dense wood.

You can also replace the cone once it goes blunt. And if you are thinking that you might need professional assistance to replace the cone, do not worry. It can be replaced by anyone who has a basic knowledge of its functionality.

All these attributes make a cone-style skid steer firewood processor costlier than traditional ones. However, there is no doubt about the return on your investment with the cone-style wood processors for skid steers.


If you’re seriously considering entering into the firewood commercial market, there is no reason you should not invest in a good quality skid steer firewood processor. Whether small, medium or large-sized operation, you can select the one that best fits your need and start ahead on making sustainable business for yourself.