About the Author

Hi, I’m Justin! I’m a stay-at-home dad, and I love every minute of it. I used to work as a carpenter, but now my main focus is upcycling furniture from thrift stores, turning them into new, unique creations for homes and businesses.

Writing has become a passion of mine because it allows me to share my experiences with others. On Log Split Boss, I share my knowledge about dealing with different types of wood, cutting and splitting wood, and other helpful wood-related tips.

I find inspiration for my creative pursuits in the beautiful town of Southington, CT, where I live and work. This town is like a hidden gem, known for its scenic views and close-knit community. I have my workshop here, where I bring old furniture back to life with a touch of creativity. Being part of such a vibrant community fuels my artistic vision and drives me to create unique pieces that reflect the spirit of Southington.

Writing allows me to showcase my expertise in furniture upcycling and empower others with woodworking techniques. I believe in the power of sharing knowledge and helping others discover their creative potential.

Apart from my work, I’m deeply involved in the Southington community. I attend local events and contribute to the growth and development of the town that I’m proud to call home. Exploring the nearby nature-rich areas and scenic landscapes also fuels my creativity and brings me peace and inspiration.

When I’m not busy upcycling furniture or writing, I enjoy spending quality time with my three boys, exploring the charm of Southington together. Seeing them discover our surroundings’ wonders and foster their creativity brings me immense joy and fulfillment.