Can You Run Underfloor Heating Off A Log Burner?

When it comes to under floor heating, there are a couple of commonly asked questions. “Can you run underfloor heating off a log burner?” and “Is floor heating more efficient?” In a word, yes to both!

Log burner underfloor heating

Old-style fireplaces have lost their popularity over the years, as newly built homes seem to lack the space to even fit an electric one. However, when you live in areas where the winters are cold, you realize there is nothing better than cozying up to a warm fire during the day and at night.

That is why we now have log burning stoves. They are the more modern alternative to traditional fireplaces, and are less expensive to run, more effective and better for the environment.

Compared to old style fireplaces, log burners are more eco-friendly. They don’t give off as much smoke and are not just limited to wood. You can use an eco-friendlier fuel as well.

Log burners also produce less carbon dioxide as heating your home with electric central systems or gas would.

If correctly used, they can be less expensive to use as well. Log burners may save you on your heating bills over a period of time. They are more effectual at heating rooms than most central heating systems.

After a 2017 survey, 43% of people who used a log burner stove stated they saved on their heating bills. With energy prices rising, it’s more than likely that a log burner stove would save you even more now.

There are a few cons such as installation costs. Regrettably, you cannot just purchase a log burning stove and stick it in your room. You will need to hire a professional to install it to be certain the fumes and smoke are safely removed from your home.

If you already have a fireplace in your home, then it is less expensive and easier to install a log burner by utilizing the already existing chimney, unless you do not already have a proper place for it to go.

The there is the fuel costs. You will need to purchase your own fuel or wood. If using wood, it is highly recommended to use dry, shop bought wood for the most efficiency, which may be costly to buy.

Underfloor heating with log burner

Log burner heat from your furnace is heating at its best. It will keep your floors warm and toasty. Underfloor heating is approximately 20% more efficient and will definitely safe your money.

A great thing about underfloor heating, is that it will keep the bottom ten feet of your room at its warmest. It will eliminate heat rising to the ceiling and out the roof where it becomes lost. This is another way how it saves you money. Great for high ceilings that you may find in larger rooms.

No air will be blowing around which means the room will feel much warmer. Hydronic heat simply means the heat is distributed by water. Radiant heat is transported through space with no air or fluids involved. It’s the same feeling the sun gives you. For example, you go for a stroll on a cold day, then you all of a sudden feel very warm from the sun, that is what radiant heat feels like. You feel warm all over!

Benefits of radiant heaters

It’s not just about the feel of radiant heat, there are other benefits as well.

Get warmer faster

A cold room will feel warmer a lot faster with underfloor heating off a log burner than one similar in size of a convection heater.

Because a convection heater needs to first heat the air, then heats the surfaces within the room and those inside, it can be slow to feel warm. Radiant heat directly heats surfaces and the people inside.

Improved heat distribution in high spaces

Smaller homes are designed to make the most of the interior space. However, a convection heater that heats only the air will cause the heat to rise to the ceiling.

Regardless of the heat source, the air in the room will act in the same way. A radiant heater will as well warm surfaces in its sight, along with those sitting in front of it. So, using radiant heat on a lower level will keep your spaces heated more evenly.


Convection heaters as well as other radiant heaters, lack what log burner stoves have. There’s nothing like sitting by a log burning fire to make your home cozy and full of ambiance.

It can be a focal point for any home to gather family and friends, share each other’s company and the warmth of the beautiful fire.