Can You Use a Log Burner With a Baby?

Log burning stoves are a great way to heat your house in the winter months. A lot of people prefer them to traditional fireplaces. They are much easier to operate and maintain, as the doors and chimney help keep smoke out of the room. Although a log burner stove may keep your house, there are uncertainties in regards to its safety, specifically around babies and children.

Well, this would depend on how often you use a wood stove. Infrequent use of log burning stoves do not pose a threat to a baby or child’s health. However, if used more often, smoke may cause irritation to the throat and eyes, along with damage, long term to the lungs from a surplus of smoke inhalation. Other risks are burns, which can be avoided if taught to keep away from the wood burning stove.

Can you use a log burner with a baby and are they safe?

Winters can be quite cold, depending on where you live, and we should feel warm and comfortable inside our homes. Even though a fireplace may do that, more people prefer using a log burner stove for the following reasons:

  • Easy to operate – add some wood, light it and you’re done.
  • Little maintenance – comparing cleaning the ash from that of a fireplace, log burner stoves are much easier.
  • Installation is easy – a log burner stove can easily be added to any home, even though it wasn’t built with a fireplace in mind.

As long as the use of the log burner stove is of casual use, it is safe to use with babies and children in the home. To keep them safe and healthy, using it a few times a week will guarantee that and at the same time keep your home warm and cozy. If limiting the use proposes a problem, it’s recommended to find a different source of heating.

Although the log burner may be sealed to stop smoke from getting into the room, it is possible that some may escape if the doors are damaged in any way or when you are lighting it. This can cause babies and children to develop irritation of the eyes and throat.

To help prevent this, you can wash faces with clean water, drink cold beverages and provide some fresh air.

Children and babies are at a higher risk to develop acute lymphoblastic leukemia after inhaling too much smoke, mostly from log burner stoves when used too often or over a long period of time.

Keeping your child away from the log burner stove

It’s hard for children to recognize dangerous situations and let’s face it, children are just naturally curious. So, the best way to shield them from the dangers of log burner stoves, is to place them out of reach of the children, such as a raised position. You can also take time to teach them the risks of touching or going near a log burning stove.

  Terrible two’s…very stubborn and always want to touch things they shouldn’t. The toddlers can be a challenge for teaching them that a log burner stove can be dangerous. Babies, on the other hand, can be kept away from the stove by easier measures.

As an alternative, you can use a baby gate to keep younger children out of the room containing the log burning stove. If your child is somewhat older, you can simply explain the dangers associated with a wood burning stove.

 Is a fire in a fireplace with a newborn safe?

It’s not the best idea having a fire with babies present. It is also important to use caution when you are expecting a newborn. A newborn’s skin is highly sensitive to heat and there is also the risk of inhaling fumes. Never leave a young child to close to a log burning stove as you risk burns to the child.

You can take the following steps to ensure you have at least baby proofed the log burner stove:

  • Place a baby gate in front of the stove
  • Chimney clean always
  • Put a glass door on the fireplace
  • Use wood that does not have chemical additives
  • When finished using the stove be certain the fire is completely out
  • Keep the tools to the fireplace out of reach
  • Always keep an eye on the fireplace just in case the baby becomes curious

Be sure to ventilate the room and keep a good distance between the fireplace and a child.

Fireplace smoke and babies

Smoke from a fireplace can be dangerous to anyone, especially babies. Younger children’s immune system is not fully developed, so smoke inhalation can be harmful to their throat and lungs. It can also affect their brain.

Adults are able to remove themselves when there is smoke near them, babies do not have that ability. It is much easier for them chock or suffocate. Prior to lighting the log burner stove, be sure to take the baby from the room until it is all clear. Also, be certain the room is ventilated well by opening a window a bit.

If you think your baby has inhaled too much smoke, seek medical attention immediately. Using wood that is natural will negate the smoke and make it less toxic. See if there is any damage to the stove, as this will limit the smoke from coming into the room.

Final thoughts

Log burner stoves are a great choice to keeping your home warm and cozy in the winter months. They are easy to operate and maintain. The design allows them to keep the smoke inside and let it out through the chimney.

With that being said, can you use a log burner with a baby? Having a baby or young child while using a log burner stove is not highly recommended. The smoke can be hazardous to their eyes, throat and lungs and they also could get burned. Taking precautions while using a log burner stove with a child in the home can make a difference and not using it all the time is the most important precaution you can take.