Best AW 32 Hydraulic Oil: Our Top Picks

If you are looking for the best AW 32 hydraulic oil that can meet the requirements of more current hydraulic systems that operate at high pressure, then AW 32 Hydraulic Oil would be a great choice. It provides maximum performance in an assortment of hydraulic systems and is intended to meet all the requirements of current hydraulic systems that function at high pressure. Its high performance is possible because of the mixture of innovative additives that provide higher anti-corrosion, oxidation stability and anti-wear, along with high quality and base oils.

The best AW 32 hydraulic oil will provide outstanding protection against air entrainment, varnish formation and foaming. It is appropriate to use in both mobile applications and industrial and is suggested for use in hydraulic systems that operate at temperatures up to 100 degrees C and pressure up to 3000 psi.

AW32 oil is perfect to use in the winter as it provides a good grade of performance for those using it. It works well in situations with lower temperatures due to its decreased viscosity. So, consider the environment where it is going to be used before buying.

The AW32 allows less thickness to the machinery as it is slenderer. The volume of oil that exists in comparison to the overall of additives is what makes the AW32 different from AW46.

Generally, the AW32 Hydraulic Oil is a great option for pretty much any hydraulic system, regardless if it stationary or mobile. In this article we will take a look at which AW32 is the best hydraulic oil.

Maximizing Performance with AW 32 Hydraulic Oil

The AW 32 hydraulic oil fluid contains additives that were designed to protect the environment by reducing emissions. It also naturally breaks down in the environment, meaning it is biodegradable, reducing the risk of contamination and pollution.

Your equipment and machinery will run more efficient and smoother. It will ensure to further the life of your equipment by providing excellent lubrication, and reducing wear and tear. As it is a high viscosity oil, it protects wear, corrosion and oxidation.

All in all, any hydraulic system will benefit from using AW 32 hydraulic oil. It provides any components the best protection, will enhance the productivity and lower noise levels and vibration.

Best AW 32 hydraulic oil for 2023

1. Super S Engine Protector AW32 Hydraulic Oil

Super S Engine Protector AW32 Hydraulic Oil has long lasting compressor oil and gears for log splitters. A high-performance oil intended to provide excellent performance and protection for all kinds of hydraulic systems. Formulated with a mixture of advanced additives and synthetic base stocks, it will provide excellent protection against oxidation, rust, wear and foaming as it reduces deposits in any system and improves its efficiency.

This oil has high quality lubricity which will help reduce wear and friction leading to improved power output and fuel economy. Its cold start properties ensure any hydraulic system to be protected in dangerous temperatures. It meets the standards of the American Gear Manufacturers Association and the National Lubricating Grease Institute while being certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API).


  • Protects engines in low temperatures and in extremely high temperatures.
  • Reduces wear and tear on engine parts which prolongs the engine’s life.
  • Provides protection against corrosion, oxidation and rust and outstanding lubrication.
  • Great choice for a large variety of hydraulic systems such as log splitters
  • Meets the requirements of a wide range of hydraulic systems which includes stationary and mobile systems.


  • Super S Engine Protector AW32 Hydraulic Oil may cost more than other hydraulic oils.
  • It might not be appropriate for certain systems, contingent on the requirements from the manufacturer.
  • It may be hard to find in certain areas.
  • It might not be well-matched with certain components and seals in some systems.
  • You might experience a reduction in performance with this oil.
2. Hapco Premium AW 32 Hydraulic Oil

Hapco Premium AW 32 Hydraulic Oil is specifically designed for industrial applications as it is a high-performance oil. It resists oxidative and thermal degradation which improves energy efficiency and provides a longer life to the equipment.

It is compatible with most hydraulic systems and contains a less foaming formula that reduces pump cavitation and foaming. Hapco Premium AW 32 Hydraulic Oil also has outstanding shear steadiness and cold start protection which helps to safeguard reliable performance when used in extreme temperatures.


  • Protects against corrosion and wear.
  • Resists oxidation and foaming.
  • Provides outstanding thermal stability and contains a wide temperature range
  • Well-suited with most seal materials, even those used in high temperatures.
  • It features low vapor pressures and low pour point.


  • It cost more than other hydraulic oils.
  • It might not be compatible with some seal materials such as nitrile rubber.
  • It might need oil changes more often that other hydraulic oils.
  • Not appropriate for systems with high operating temperatures.
  • If used in systems containing high levels of contaminated water, it could deposit sediment.
3. MAG 1 AW ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil

Mag 1 AW ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil is a high-performing, high-quality hydraulic oil formulated to provide excellent protection and lubrication for hydraulic systems. Its finest synthetic base oil, its superior anti-wear agent, and a higher additive package ensures outstanding protection. It was formulated to provide first-rate oxidation stability, excellent water separation and great wear protection. It is well-suited for most synthetic and standard hydraulic fluids providing the best protection against corrosion and wear.


  • Mag 1 AW ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil protects against rust, corrosion and wear.
  • The innovative additive system creates a durable and stable film providing excellent protection against corrosion, wear and rust in high temperature and high-pressure applications.
  • It is highly adaptable and may be used in a wide range of applications which include wood splitter, water systems, hydraulic and power steering.
  • It provides exceptional oxidation stability and good film strength.
  • Provides outstanding anti wear, anti-foam and anti-rust protection.


  • May not be appropriate in certain applications such as transmission fluids, engine oils and low-pressure hydraulic systems.
  • It is not well-matched with certain non-metallic, elastomers and polymers materials.
  • It may cause corrosion in systems that contain zinc-based additives.
  • Typically, more costly than other hydraulic oils.
  • To maintain its performance, it could require frequent changes.
4. Starfire Premium Lubricants AW 32 Hydraulic Oil

Starfire Premium Lubricants AW 32 Hydraulic Oil was formulated to use in mobile and industrial equipment as it is a high-performance lubricant. Combined with innovative technology and high refined base stocks to provide excellent protection against wear and extended life of the oil. It offers outstanding resistance to corrosion in fluid and hydraulic applications and anti-wear protection. 

It was formulated to meet the standards of the Society of Automotive Engineers and the American Petroleum Institute as well as being certified by the National Lubricating Grease Institute as lubricant to use in hydraulic systems. Using Starfire Premium Lubricants AW 32 Hydraulic Oil can result in longer service life and improved machine performance.


  • Helps maintain constant hydraulic pressure as it has outstanding anti air-release and anti-foaming features.
  • Extends the life of hydraulic components as it provides great oxidation and thermal stability.
  • Superb water separation properties that helps protect hydraulic systems rom contaminated water.
  • Protects against wear and friction, providing great lubrication.
  • It can blend with other oils to meet certain requirements and is well-suited with several other hydraulic fluids.


  • It is not recommended to use Starfire Premium Lubricants AW 32 Hydraulic Oil in some applications such as air compressors, specific industrial equipment and high-pressure system.
  • Needs to be handled and stored with care as it is sensitive to contamination.
  • It might not be compatible with some metals and other materials that are used in hydraulic components.
  • It cost more than other hydraulic fluids.
  • Its shelf life is limited and needs to be replaced on a regular basis to be certain to achieve optimal performance.
5. Triax Premium HLP Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 32

Triax Premium HLP Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 32 is an anti-wear, quality grade, high viscosity hydraulic oil that was formulated to ensure excellent protection for hydraulic systems that may operate under the most terrible conditions. It provides outstanding protection against rust, foaming, corrosion and offers oxidation stability along with exceptional hydrolytic and thermal stability.

It performs well over a wide range of viscosities and temperatures due to its high viscosity index. It is used for most types of hydraulic systems such as a firewood splitter and includes those that function at temperatures up to 150 degrees C. This oil is also appropriate for other industrial applications such as bearings, gearboxes, and chains that are exposed to extreme conditions.


  • Triax Premium HLP Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 32 provides excellent lubrication and protection for hydraulic systems.
  • Offers superior protection against rust and corrosion due to its excellent oxidation stability.
  • It has good thermal stability and low volatility which allows for a longer oil life between changes.
  • Helps to reduce wear on crucial components.
  • Reduces the risk of air infiltration because of its great foam resistance.


  • Compared to other hydraulic oils it is a little more costly.
  • Triax Premium HLP Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 32 is not well-matched with some kinds of material such as plastic and rubber and might cause damage if used in a hydraulic system that has these materials.
  • The efficiency of the systems may be reduced as it has a high viscosity.
  • It is more expensive to use.
  • It might not be appropriate to use in extreme temperatures as it has a low flash point.
6. Renewable Lubricants Biodegradable ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil

Renewable lubricants biodegradable ISO 32 hydraulic oil consists of resources that were renewable such as some plant-based sources and vegetable oils. It meets the requirements regarding performance of ISO 32 hydraulic systems as well as environmental requirements. 

It is used in a variety of applications which include ones that necessitate a high degree of protection and lubricity against wear and tear. It is perfect for hydraulic systems that need accurate control and demanding performance. The hydraulic system is protected from oxidation to help prolong the life of components d t Isaura antioxidants.


  • Provides excellent performance, high-quality, reliable and cost effective.
  • Biodegradable, eco-friendly, perfect choice for those that want less impact on the environment.
  • Great lubrication properties, so it helps to decrease maintenance costs.
  • Safe to use as it does not have any harmful chemicals.
  • Extends the life of equipment so there is a better return on investment.


  • More costly than other oils.
  • It has a shorter lifespan so it needs more oil changes.
  • Limited availability.
  • Its biodegradability makes it hard to clean up.
  • Thinner viscosity so it is prone to leaks.
7. Ultra1Plus™ ISO 32 AW Hydraulic Oil

Ultra1Plus ISO 32 AW Hydraulic Oil provides excellent protection for all kinds of hydraulic systems such as a log splitter and for those that operate under high temperatures and pressure. It protects against oxidation, wear and rust as well as containing anti-foaming properties.

It protects against corrosion and provides outstanding lubricity which helps extend the life of the equipment by reducing wear. It is appropriate for hydraulic systems where temperatures range from -40 degrees F to 302 degrees F and operates from 0-5000 psi. It protects against rust and has better resistance to oxidation which results in improved system performance. Ultra1Plus™ ISO 32 AW Hydraulic Oil is well-suited for all kinds if hydraulic systems providing excellent durability, performance and protection.


  • Ultra1Plus ISO 32 AW Hydraulic Oil provides extended service life and superior wear protection while reducing downtime and costs for maintenance.
  • It has innovative synthetic base oils along with an exclusive additive package which provides excellent lubrication in extreme pressure and temperature conditions.
  • It has improved wear protection to extend the life of the equipment and offers superior oxidation stability.
  • It contains corrosion and rust inhibitors and is designed with anti-foam agents. It Is the perfect choice for using in humid or wet conditions.


  • It cost more than other mineral based oils as it is a high-performance oil.
  • Is not compatible with systems that are not designed to use synthetic oil.
  • It should not be mixed with other oils as they may not be compatible.
  • It is not recommended to use in equipment that is exposed to extreme temperatures as it may cause seal shrinking or some other damages.

How to choose the best AW 32 hydraulic oil for your log splitter

In order to be certain the equipment runs safely and effectively, you need to choose the best AW 32 hydraulic oil for your log splitter. The AW 32 grade oil is appropriate for most applications, it is crucial to choose the correct oil for your specific log splitter.

Take a look at the specifications from the manufacturer for your specific kind and grade of oil that is recommended for your log splitter.

Choose a higher viscosity index oil, this will make sure the oil stays in the right viscosity for a wide range of temperatures. Also, to keep the hydraulic system clean and reduce wear and tear, make sure the oil has a high level of detergency.

Lastly, select an oil that has a higher level of protection against corrosion. That will help protect the equipment from rust and corrosion.

AW 32 hydraulic oil FAQs

Is AW ISO 32 the same as AW 32?

Aw 32 is a description for hydraulic oil from the API and AW ISO 32 is a description for hydraulic oil from the ISO, so, no they are not the same.

Is AW 32 hydraulic oil synthetic?

No, AW 32 is a mineral oil, which comes from crude oil. Synthetic oils are formed chemically with a combination of different hydrocarbon molecules. Mineral oil is made from petroleum. Mineral oil is more cost effective, however, it breaks down faster than synthetic oils.

Does it matter which hydraulic oil I use?

Yes, it does make a difference which oil you use. Hydraulic oils have different performance features, viscosity and additives. AW 32 is a lighter weight oil giving it a lower viscosity so it is better matched for applications requiring higher levels of lubrication. Other oils such as AW 68 or AW 46 are heavier and better matched for application requiring a higher level of protection against wear and tear.

What is the lifespan of hydraulic oil?

That depends of many factors. The operating conditions, the environment in which it is used and the type and kind of oil. Normally, hydraulic oil lifespan ranges between 1,500 and 3,000 hours of operation, depending on the specific application. You should change or filter the oil every year. Also, check the filter for contamination and the oil levels regularly, as that can lessen the lifespan of the oil.

What happens if hydraulic oil is too thick?

When hydraulic oil becomes too thick it will not easily flow through the system. This will reduce the performance and increase wear on the components. Also, the oil might not be able to reach the complete system which may lead to possible leakage and system failure. Thick oil may cause excessive pressure which leads to possible system failure.


Summing things up, AW 32 Hydraulic Oil is the best choice for hydraulic equipment. It provides the highest level of protection against corrosion, rust and wear. The best AW 32 hydraulic oil provides high viscosity, great thermal stability and excellent lubrication, which makes it the perfect choice for any hydraulic system.