How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Log Splitter?

Colder regions often require people to keep their firewood in stock. For them, chopping wood is a very common thing. It is usual to find logs stored in every other backyard or near the fireplace in colder regions. Though chopping off wood is not a new concept, indeed it is no child’s play to split wood into smaller pieces through an axe. So how do you simplify your hard work and difficulties? We suggest you get a log splitter.

Whether you want smaller logs for your fireplace or you require them for commercial purposes, a log splitter is an efficient option for you. It not only minimizes your labor but also saves time, making your work easy. When it comes to chopping off perfectly shaped logs required for any purpose, you will not find any better substitute than a log splitter.

How much does it cost to buy your own log splitter?

The type and size of the wood you need to split will determine how powerful a log splitter you require. There is a huge variety of log splitters available in the market based on their cost and types.

An average manual splitter can range approx. $80 to $300. A manual log splitter is cheaper in cost but can fulfill all basic requirements of shaping or chopping wood into small pieces. However, it requires more hard work to use them.

Electric log splitters, on the other hand, serve as a good alternative to the manual log splitter. They are easy to use and relatively more powerful. However, an electric log splitter can cost you almost $350 to $1000 on average. Depending on the type of splitter’s motor, force, and power rating, the cost of an electric log splitter may vary.

If you are a professional and looking for a reliable and heavy-duty log splitter, you must lookout for a gas-powered log splitter. These are usually used for commercial purposes and are more powerful than a manual or electric log splitter. The average cost of a gas-powered log splitter can range above $1000 and may reach up to $4500.

Although a log splitter is a good investment for a person who is a professional or someone who uses wood for daily requirements. But someone who doesn’t require this machine quite often can hire one instead of buying.

Renting a log splitter is easy on the pocket for someone who rarely uses it.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Log Splitter?

There are many companies in the market that rent log splitters for users. The prices may vary with different companies and the type of log splitter you want to hire it would approximately cost an average of $50 – $200 per day to hire a log splitter.

Considering your work demands splitting one or two cords of wood, you may be able to finish it in a day. Here renting cost might make sense. However, people mostly require splitting more logs than this. If the requirement is more than six or seven cords, you might look for a weekly rental that may cost you around $400 or more. And if the work needs more days occupied then a monthly expenditure may go up more than $1000. 

Furthermore, the cost to hire a log splitter depends on the duration you are renting for. You can rent on an hourly, daily weekly, or even monthly basis. It totally depends on the company’s policy. Every company has its own timelines to rent out the log splitters. Usually, people hire it for a day of utmost. 

Let us give you a brief idea of the general rental cost depending on the time used to hire a log splitter.

  • $25 to $40 for one hour
  • $40 to $65 for 4 hours
  • $70 to $80 for a day (24 hours)
  • For weekends the rental cost may go up to $100
  • It may cost $1000 or more if you want to hire a log splitter for a month

Last but not the least – keep in mind that every region has its own pricing. So, it also depends on the geographical location where you want to hire the log splitter at. It is advisable that you first check the rental/hiring costs in your location and then decide, depending upon your usage, if it is beneficial to rent or buy a log splitter.


Some people chop wood on regular basis, if you are one amongst them, purchasing your own log splitter is cost-effective. However, suppose you are among those who rarely use the machine and might need it only for emergencies or for a limited time and are wondering how much it costs to hire a log splitter. In that case, we hope this article provides you with approximate dollar figures. Hiring a log splitter is a better option to save on unnecessary expenses.