Log Splitter Replacement Engine – What You Need to Know

A log splitter is an efficient, time-saving machine that can help you prepare firewood for your fireplace or a wood-burning stove. A log splitter comes in many designs from simple manual splitters to large industrial-type machines. For home use, you need a machine that can produce enough power and driving force for your needs.

In some cases, outdated wood splitters may need a new engine. If you have an old splitter, consider a new engine if:

  • The engine has not been used for a long time.
  • You experience frequent stalling or stopping even under load.
  • There is leaking fuel.
  • The splitter is slowing down.
  • There is no response from the engine when switched on.

Replacing an old engine is always the best idea especially when it’s already showing signs of failure. And to further diagnose your wood splitter engine, take it to a repair specialist.

Best Log Wood Splitter Replacement Engines for 2023

XtremepowerUS 62029 Log Splitter Engine

The XtremeowerUS 62029 gas log splitter engine is an electric start, 7HP gasoline motor that's great for different applications including log splitting equipment, water or trash transfer pumps, pressure washers, mobile carwashes, rototillers, go-karts, and much more. This engine has an industrial design; it's very durable and capable of working in demanding environments.

This gas-electric start engine starts easily and works smoothly and quietly. It runs on an 87 octane fuel or higher fuel rating. It also comes with safety and maintenance features with a low oil shut-off feature to avoid damage or engine failure.


  • Dimensions: 18.3 x 18 x 16 in, 44 pounds
  • Fuel Type: 87 octane or higher fuel
  • HP: 7HP
  • Maximum Torque: 3600 RPM
  • Special Features: 0.75 inches horizontal keyway output shaft, threaded output shaft, tapered output shaft, low oil shut-off
  • Applications: go-karts, lawnmowers, pressure washers, rototillers, cultivators, transfer pumps, log splitting equipment, etc.
  • Accessories: engine manual


  • Quiet and dependable
  • Works with different applications
  • Provides enough power to split wood and for many applications
  • With a safe electric start system
  • Comes with an easy to follow engine manual
  • Great for an engine upgrade


  • No cooling features
  • One of the heaviest at 44 pounds

BILT HARD Log Splitter Engine

The BILT HARD log splitter gas engine is easy to use, compact, and fuel-efficient. It's a 7 HP 4-stroke gas motor ideal for a log splitter, go-karts, lawnmowers, mini bikes, etc. It is also an industrial motor that works with cement mixers, pressure washers, tillers, chippers, blowers, and compressors. It can replace old and worn-out motors for different applications.

This is a durable gas engine with a cast-iron cylinder, fuel shut-off features for easy and safe transport, and fuel-saving features. All parts are guaranteed to last longer. It is one of the best replacement motors compatible with Honda engine, Briggs and Stratton engines, Yamaha, and Kawasaki.


  • Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 13.4 in, 34 pounds
  • Fuel Type: 87+ octane stabilizer-treated unleaded fuel
  • HP: 7HP
  • Maximum Torque: 8.1 ft lbs at 2500 RPM
  • Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
  • Special Features: cast iron parts, low oil sensor, can be installed horizontally, fuel shut off
  • Applications: log splitting machines, washers, compressors, lawnmower, vacuums, water pumps, chippers, blowers, and many more


  • May be installed horizontally
  • Very efficient, easy to use
  • Fuel-saving and safety features
  • Compatible with many applications
  • Provides enough power to split wood and for many applications
  • Replacement engine for many top brands, no difference from top names
  • Good value engine for the price; affordable cost


  • Very heavy cast iron parts
  • Complaints that it’s too heavy

Lifan LF168F-2BQ Gas Log Splitter Engine

The Lifan LF168F-2BQ is a 6.5-HP 4-stroke gas engine capable of providing pure power to your log wood splitters, lawnmowers, and go-karts. It's a general-purpose motor with a convenient universal mounting plate ideal for construction, recreational vehicles, ranch or farm use, and so much more.

It has an industrial-grade design with a .75-inch keyway shaft and compression release for easy, seamless starting. This replacement engine comes with protection features such as low oil shutdown to keep the engine safe and avoid costly repairs.

You can count on this replacement engine to take the place of broken or low-performing engines such as Honda engine, Kohler, harbor Freight, Briggs and Stratton, Kawasaki, and more. It’s available in different variants: 3 HP, 4 HP, 6.5 HP, 9 HP, 13 HP, and 15 HP. You can get this LiFan motor in recoil start with 2:1 centrifugal wet-clutch reduction, recoil starts with 6:1 gear reduction, electric start with a 15-amp external charging system,  recoil start, and electric start varieties.


  • Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 16, 39 pounds
  • Fuel Type: gas powered
  • HP: available in 3 HP, 4 HP, 6.5 HP, 9 HP, 13 HP, and 15 HP variants
  • Compression Ratio: available in 2:1 and 6:1 gear reduction
  • Special Features: universal mounting plate, .75-inch keyway shaft, low-oil shutdown protection feature, EPA certified, available in different start switches, thread starter, and horsepower
  • Applications: for construction, ranch and farm use, recreational use, all-around home maintenance uses, and more.
  • Accessories: tools, bolts, owner’s manual


  • Versatile, available in many varieties
  • Works like a new motor
  • Universal mounting for easy use in different applications
  • Is EPA certified for being environmentally-friendly
  • With engine protection features
  • Log splitter replacement engine for top brands
  • Easy-start engine


  • Some users have complaints that it’s too heavy

XtremepowerUS ‎62027

The XtremepowerUS ‎62027-2 is a 4-stroke gas-powered log splitter replacement engine with a horizontal shaft. This small engine is perfect for small and compact equipment and machines including log wood splitters and other similar machines.

It comes with an OHV design so it’s more efficient to use and provides optimum force transfer no matter where you use it. This engine also has a high-precision camshaft feature to improve valve timing and overlap. These contribute to enhanced fuel economy in all applications.

This engine comes with damage protection features like a low oil shutoff. This shuts the engine down to avoid serious failure or costly damage. It has a recoil start system and operates on standard 87 octanes or higher fuel.

The engine body is mostly cast iron so it's heavy. But many agree that it's the most compact and the lightest replacement engine at just 20 pounds. 


  • Dimensions: 18 x 16.9 x 15.9 inches, 38 pounds
  • Fuel Type: 87 octane or higher
  • HP: 7 HP
  • Special Features: smallest replacement engine, optimal force transfer, high-precision camshaft, valve timing and overlap, horizontal shaft, low oil shut down feature, recoil start
  • Applications: wood splitters, pressure washers, go-karts, mobile car washes, lawnmowers, rototillers, transfer pumps, and many more
  • Accessories: spark plug, tools, bolts, owner’s manual


  • With an OHV design, maximum efficiency
  • With improved power transfer
  • Improved valve timing and valve overlap
  • Comes from factory cushioned with foam
  • With engine protection features
  • Easy to use recoil start
  • Comes with tools and easy to read owner’s manual
  • Very durable construction for a replacement engine


  • There are plastic parts
  • There are no bolts or washers provided

AlphaWorks Gas Engine

The AlphaWorks gas log splitter engine offers 7HP, high torque, and speeds enough to cut logs with ease. This engine was built for industrial use and reliable performance. It's equipped with a TCI ignition system and a forced air-cooled feature to keep the motor cool when in use.

This gas engine has a maximum fuel capacity of 0.7 gallons and runs on 87+ unleaded fuel. It comes with a simple spark plug system and is compatible with Torch spark plug brands. Because of its streamlined design, you can use this engine on almost any machine including wood splitters, lawnmowers, mini bikes, go-karts, and more.


  • Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 14.5 in, 38.2 pounds
  • Fuel Type: minimum 87+ unleaded fuel
  • HP: 7 HP
  • Maximum Torque: 3800 RPMs 8.85 ft-lbs/12.4 Nm torque at  2500 RPM
  • Compression Ratio: 8.2:1
  • Special Features: 4-stroke recoil, TCI (Transistorized Magneto Ignition) system, force air-cooled, forced splash lubrication system
  • Applications: splitters, go-karts, home generators, lawnmowers, mini bikes, etc.


  • Compatible with most equipment and applications
  • Drives enough force for splitting dense logs
  • With a high maximum power output
  • Reliable, durable, and easy to use
  • Fixing an old woods splitting machine is easy with this motor
  • Good value motor to replace old motors for the best price


  • Sometimes requires a dedicated mount or support
  • Limited availability - frequently out of stock

DIY log splitter engines and pump combinations

If you want to build your wood splitter for home or farm use, there are many DIY options for you. A lot of online wood splitting machine plans with combination parts are available online. These DIY plans vary in engine power, design, features, and pump combinations. Here are some of these DIY kits

Wood splitter with an 11-GPM pump and engine combination kit

This log splitting machine DIY plan makes use of a powerful Honda engine GX 160 or a similar replacement motor to produce the best power. The GX is available in 120, 160, and 200 variants with low noise levels, reduced vibration, and very low engine emissions. This engine offers a very precise camshaft design for accurate valve timing and overlap for enhanced fuel efficiency.

Also part of this kit is an 11-GPM pump such as a Barnes Haldex pump, a heavy-duty, high-performance pump. The kit won’t be complete without a 4 x 24-inch shafts such as the Clevis welded cylinder/rod ends and a wood splitting machine D-tent valve.

Wood splitter with an easy 13.6-GPM pump 

A wood splitting machine with a 13.6-GPM hydraulic pump is more efficient, easier to use, and best for commercial, residential, and recreational uses. This pump produces faster cycle times and improved pressure even when used with small engines. It’s a great choice for log splitters, go-karts, lawnmowers, tillers, and more.

Combine this efficient hydraulic pump with a powerful GX 200 engine and you’ll create a versatile splitter made for home or commercial use. You also need a 4 x 24 – inch 3000 PSI welded cylinder shaft/rod and a log splitter D-Tent valve to complete your kit.

Log splitter 16-GPM pump and Honda engine combination

Partner a GX 270 engine with a 16-GPM hydraulic pump and you’ll get a durable and powerful log splitter. This engine offers a higher force output, reduced fuel consumption, and reduced exhaust. You’ll be using a quiet log splitting machine with reduced vibrations at home, on-site, and anywhere you need to cut logs. The 16-GPM hydraulic pump is efficient and ideal for log splitters, lawnmowers, and general uses.

Log splitting machine with a 22-GPM pump and engine combination (large gas tank)

A larger 22-gallon hydraulic pump is very efficient, offers high speed-low pressure and low-speed-high pressure applications. This combination is best for DIY log splitters, lawnmowers, and pressure washer machines.

Log splitting machine with an electrical start engine, muffler, and 28-GPM pump

Make your log splitters safer and more efficient with an electrical start engine such as a Honda V Twin 639 electrical start or other similar models. This comes with an adapter engine to pump with an electrical start.

This is a heavy-duty engine that costs more than a regular gas engine but is durable and will provide more force for a residential or commercial splitter.

You may order these parts online. Make sure to buy only reliable and compatible parts and order only from reputable dealers.

If you want a splitting machine that will last longer or a machine that will carry you every winter then you may need to spend more than your average budget.

Another consideration is to get a pre-owned machine but repairs may still cost you an arm and leg. It’s still better and safer to buy a reliable replacement motor than to try to repair one.


Whether you’re overhauling your log splitting machine setup or building your log splitter machine, it’s best to use the right replacement engine and splitter components.

Take time to check engine specs as well as all the component specs and features. When all these are considered, you’ll be splitting wood with your newly overhauled or repurposed log splitter in no time.