Longest Burning Logs

The Swedish Torch

You will find that some of the best watches and knives come from the Swedish engineering. However, did you know that the Swedes have also come up with a great way to light a fire? Introducing the Swedish torch, which is going to take less wood to get a fire going and does not even require a lot of work on your part.

All that you have to get is some larger logs, some kindling, a handsaw, and some way to provide a flame or spark.

Cut A Small Part

You will want to set up a wide long end up on a small pillar. If you want to prevent it from spreading you will want to find a firm piece of ground to put it on. You will also want to check for any low hanging trees.

When you have the saw you will cut 3 big slots that are evenly spaced out, about three-quarters of the way through the log, making an asterisk. Then you will gather the strings that come from cutting. This will be the kindling that you can use.

longest burning wood

Bundle Up Your Kindling

On the top part of the log, where you started the cuts get some kindling in place. This is anything that you have handy that can be used as kindling, but dryer lint is one of the best items. Once you have that set up you will want to crisscross some small twigs, cardboard, or even bark that, stuff that is small enough you can easily break with your fingers.

You want this to easily catch fire, but have a longer burn than the kindling. You may also want to put some thicker twigs on the top as this will last a little bit longer than the other items.

Time To Light

It is now time to see how you did. Remember how you were told not to play with matches? Now is your chance to play with matches! You will want to get at the bottom of the kindling pile and lit it up on all the different sides and then you can watch it burn. As this burns you will find that it is going to start to fall down into the cuttings you have made.

This is what it is supposed to do. The log is going to keep the flame safe, but allow the smoke to vent to the top which lets the fire grow inside of the log.

Keep It Going

You will want to start to add some more sticks on the top to keep it fueled up and then the log will burn evenly as well. The log is going to constantly burn for about 2-4 hours, which allows you plenty of time to cook and keep warm.

You can rest a fry pan or kettle on the top of the log. It will hold flat over the flame top. The slots on the side will allow for the ventilation to happen, so it will not put the fire out.

Take Out The Heat

When you are done, you will want want to make sure you put out any coals. The chances are good the flames are out, but the coals are still hot and if you are not careful can spread to make a larger fire. So you will want to make sure you put on plenty of water, until you do not see any more smoke.

When the smoke is gone you should be good. If you want to be extra safe then you can cover it with water and dirt again before you leave the site.