Huskee Log Splitter With Briggs and Stratton Engine

If you are one of those who own a place with a wood-burning fireplace or wood stove, no one knows it better than you that how much a cozy fire on a cold evening is worth. 

At the same time, maintaining a continuous supply of firewood comes with its own set of challenges and that is where you need a good quality, durable and safe log splitter. These powerful machines are capable of turning big logs of wood into perfect sized blocks with just a pull of lever. 

You can save a lot of your hard earned money by not buying truckload of ready firewood and instead using these machines. It just needs a little effort at your end and that’s it. 

If you plan to buy one, look out for Huskee log splitter with briggs and stratton engine which is one of the most widely used wood splitters out there. It comes from the house of Tractor Supply Co. which is well known American brand for outdoor power equipments. 

Various Models 

These log splitters come in different models ranging from 20 ton to 35 ton. You can choose the one depending upon your need and size of the wood you would be mostly splitting with it. 

Though there are models available in different tonnage, you can go for 22 ton model which is capable to serve most of common household requirements and can hold logs up to 26 inch length. In our view, it is the best solution for about 90% of firewood burners. 

It comes with following specifications: 

  • 190cc 650 Series Briggs & Stratton Engine 
  • 4 inch diameter x 24inch Stroke cylinder 
  • Splitting force of 22 ton / 6.75 horsepower 
  • Valve with auto return feature 
  • 11 GPM pump (2 stage)
  • Cycle time of 13 seconds
  • 4.80 x 8 inch Pneumatic Tires 
  • 7 inch High with Spreader Wings Wedges 
  • Height – 72 inch (Vertical Position) & 42inch (Horizontal Position)

Log Splitting Modes 

Huskee log splitters can split in both horizontal and vertical modes. However, which mode to select completely depends upon the size of the wood you need split.  

For most of the general purpose, people use the machine in horizontal mode only. It is suitable for wood logs for about 20-30 inch of length. 

You can easily make a switch to vertical mode in case you want to split heavy logs. This prevents you from lifting these weighted logs and putting them on the machine for splitting. 

Key Features 

Here are some of the features of huskee log splitter with briggs and stratton engine that you would definitely admire:

  1. Minimal human intervention – the machine at its most of the functionality is automated and all you need is to put the log on the machine 
  2. Both modes – it helps using your machine for range of sizes of wood logs for splitting 
  3. Auto return feature – once the wood is split, this feature comes in handy while you pick up your next log and the machine is all set for next round of splitting
  4. Easy to use – anyone in your family can use it with absolute ease
  5. Quick engine start up – the briggs and stratton engine starts up really fast and doesn’t trouble you at all

While there are number of features on these machines that one would admire, however, there are a few areas where the company can make some changes to make it more robust.

  • The hose is soft and is prune to be damaged by falling logs. It can be made guarded. 
  • Cradle can come in handy on the machine and can be provided off the shelf. One needs to buy it aftermarket in current models. 
  • The weight of the machine is on a lighter side and has a narrow wheel base and hence it bounces when attached behind a tractor. 


You can buy one of these machines for about $1000 in the market. There are various sales round the year where you could get up to 10% of discount as well. It might seem a bit costly to a few but looking at the overall performance, longevity and durability, it is really worth it. 

Huskee log splitter with Briggs and Stratton engine comes with such a reputation that it is ideal for both novice and professional users. It is safe, durable and fun to use in almost all weather conditions.