How to Start a Kohler 3000 Series Log Splitter

We understand that nothing beats a cozy fire during those cold winter evenings and you need an uninterrupted supply of firewood for that. Your log splitter certainly helps you maintain the stock of firewood. 

If you are one of those who own or have rented a Kohler 3000 series powered log splitter and face challenges while starting up the engine, worry no more! This article will help you understand how to start a Kohler 3000 series log splitter. 

Prestart checklist

  1. First and foremost check the oil level. In case the oil level is low, add the required amount. Just ensure you do not overfill. 
  2. The second step would be to run a check on fuel level and add in case it is low. Also, check the other fuel system components and lines for any leakage. 
  3. Clean the air intake areas, cooling areas, and external surface of the engine. 
  4. Check for all air cleaner components, equipment covers, shrouds, and guards and ensure they are in the proper place and fastened securely. 
  5. If the system has equipped the spark arrester, run a check on that as well. 

Starting your engine

Once you have gone through the entire prestart checklist, follow this step-by-step process to start the engine.

  1. Turn on the fuel shut-off valve.
  2. Then, turn the engine on/off switch to on mode.
  3. Start the engine as follows: 
  • Cold engine – throttle control to be placed right between the slow and fast positions and then turn on the choke.
  • Warm engine – throttle control to be placed midway between slow and fast positions and then turn the choke off the moment engine starts. You do not need the choke in the on position with a warm engine. 
  1. Retractable Start
  • Start with pulling the starter handle slowly until just past the compression and then stop. 
  • Now return the starter handle, tightly pull it straight out to avoid additional rope wear from the starter rope guide. 
  1. Electric Start
  • Begin with activating the starter switch and release the switch as soon as your engine starts. 
  • If your starter is not able to turn on the engine, quickly shut it off. Do not repeatedly keep activating the starter until you find out the cause of the problem.
  • Jumpstart also is not a preferred option in case your engine fails to start. Connect with your Kohler dealer for troubleshooting.  
  1. Once the engine starts, slowly turn the choke to off position once you feel the engine warms up. 
  2. You may use your log splitter during the time engine is warming up, however, it is not recommended. If the engine was cold, please leave the choke partially on during the warming up of the engine. 
  3. There are times during winters that your Kohler log splitter won’t start. At that time, you can refer to these quick tips which will help your engine to start easily.
  • Use appropriate oil for the expected temperature. 
  • Ensure that all possible external loads are disengaged.
  • Make use of new winter-grade fuel as it has a higher level of volatility which helps in starting the engine.

Other useful information

  1. The position of the choke for starting your Kohler engine will depend on the engine temperature and other factors as well. Please do not forget to turn off the choke once the engine is warm and running. 
  2. Run a periodic check on the starter cord of the engine for wear and tear. If the cord is frayed, do not forget to replace it without any delay from the Kohler authorized dealer. 
  3. It is not advisable to keep cranking your Kohler engine for more than 10 seconds. You must keep about a minute gap between the starting attempts to cool down the engine. If neglected, it might result in burning out the starter motor. 
  4. If your engine develops the required speed to disengage the starter but it does not keep running, this is a false start. In such a case, allow your engine rotation to come to a complete stop and then only attempt to restart the engine. If the starter is engaged when the flywheel is rotating, there are chances that your flywheel ring gear and starter pinion may clash and can cause damage to the starter. 

Additionally, you can also refer to the user manual to read through in detail how you can start the engine. It comes with the other safety instructions that are to be followed while operating your log splitter and will come in handy. 

We hope the article has given you a detailed understanding of how to start a Kohler 3000 series log splitter and next time you are going to start the engine, you will not face any trouble.