How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Log Burner?

Fireplaces are usually a beautiful feature to any home. They offer a warm, cozy ambience and an earthy smoke scent perfect for those cold or rainy days or nights. They may also increase the value of your home as long as it was maintained and is still in working order. But what if you need to remove it?

How much does it cost to remove a log burner?

The cost for removing a log burner will vary on the size, design and on what system the log burner runs. Below are estimated costs to remove a log burner.

Log Burner Removal

Below are the estimated costs for removing a log burner from your home.

Fireplace TypeEstimated Cost
Wood burning fireplace$600-$1100
Stone fireplace$600-$2100

The cost of removing a log burner will vary in cost depending on the parts you want to remove and the type of log burner you have already.

The estimate is between $600 to $1,100 to remove a wood-burning fireplace.

The estimate is between $600 to $2,100 to remove a stone fireplace.

In order to find the best experienced person to remove your log burner, it is recommended to shop around online. Get at least three or more quotes to find the best price and qualified tradesperson right for the job.

What affects the cost to remove a log burner?

Well, it’s definitely not one size fits all. Price options will vary depending on some factors involved in the removal process that could affect the final cost.

Size of log burner

For the removal of a log burning fireplace, you’ll have to have the basket or insert that heats the room, the base or hearth of the fireplace, the fittings to the right, left and top, whatever attaches and holds the insert in place, and the vent, flu and chimney all removed.

A lot of equipment to take down and take apart, right? Unfortunately, the more intricate and bigger the design, the more labor it’s going to take to break it down and remove it, which will affect the cost.

Log burner design

The process is different when it comes to removing wood burning fireplaces as opposed to electric or gas ones.

Wood burning stoves do not require any wiring or cable, so that’s a step you will not have to concern yourself with.

As far as removing the wood burning stove, removing it is pretty simple. However, it can be bulky and heavy which makes it somewhat a challenge.

Removing a log burner fireplace can be an arduous task that involves destruction labor of the stove itself, disposal of debris and the mending of the roof, walls and ceiling.

To stop any water damage, the chimney may be either capped off or removed. If you choose to remove the chimney from the property, it’s best to hire professionals that are qualifies and have experience to do it safely.

Hiring a professional

It’s always best when looking to hire someone new for a job, to get recommendations from family and friends that have had similar work done already. This gives you the opportunity to see firsthand how the quality of the job was completed.

Is the professional the right fit?

Be prepared with a list of questions that will help confirm that the professional you are considering hiring is the right person for the job and meets the proper standards. Ask the questions below to ensure your potential hire is right for you:

  • Get a written quote. Any good contractor will be glad to accommodate you with a quote in writing. This will allow you to see everything that will be included in the price.
  • Inquire about their experience
  • Ask for references. References are important so you can be certain of their capability and possibly see some of their previous work
  • Are they insured? Are their tools insured? This can help protect you against lawsuits if your property or they is damaged while on your property.


Take advantage of the checklist below to ensure you have all you need to hire the best log burner remover that’s right for you:

  • Is the removal of your log burning fireplace permanent or will you be replacing it with a new one?
  • Think about to what degree you would like the log burner stove removed
  • Get some references from family, friends and neighbors who already have had this type of work done.