Easy Ways To Split Logs

You may have noticed that splitting wood has come a long way. You have to remember it all started with a simple axe. Now you have a lot of different powered tools that can help you out and one of those is kinetic gas log splitters.

These are going to be efficient in the work and allows for faster work, but it also helps you do more work without getting as tired by splitting the wood.

You will find that Agri-Fab has the Split Second log splitter that has a ton of features.

Power From A Flywheel

This is going to be a great thing because it is going to have 2- 90 pound flywheels that are going to turn at 365 RPM which is going to produce a lot of energy and store a lot of energy that is the same about as a 34-ton hydraulic splitter, but does this is in about 3 seconds.

This is going to make it perfect for splitting the twisted woods. This has been tested on quite a few hardwoods as well and handled them without any problems.

You will notice that this is a log splitter that can handle the hardest of logs and does not tire out. The energy is always available with the flywheels.

Adjustable Height

This is something that you will love because this is the first log splitter that is going to have a chance to adjust the height.

This can adjust from 27 inches to 34 inches in height and this will allow you to reduce your back strain from bending to make the tool work.

You will notice that it is made at the rear wheels and uses caster jacks to help balance the splitter for splitting wood.

Wide Work Table

The Split Second is a log splitter that is going to have a work table that comes in at just under the 3 foot mark which makes it easy to split the wood and keep it from falling on the ground.

Once the log is split you will notice the pieces are going to stay level and this keeps you from having to bend over all the time.

What else is nice is the tow hitch can be moved in and this will make it easier to directly load the wood onto your cart.

Log Lift Tools

This is a great accessory you will want to add on as it will make it easier for you to lift the larger logs on the splitter.

You will find that you can roll the log on the lift and then use the tool on the other side and it will lift the log to the table.

The lift can handle up to 180 pounds of wood at a single time. You will find that it can be removed as needed.

Log Dolly

This is a dolly that is going to make it easier for you to move the wood around. This is going to be able to carry the logs that are about 200 pounds without any problems.

You just have to roll them onto the dolly and move away. The Split Second Dolly will have 19 inch air wheels, which makes it easier to move around the terrain.

You can even convert this into a firewood carrier once it is done. You will find that this makes it a multi purpose tool