How to Make Log Splitter Faster

If you have ever tried splitting wood by swinging an ax, you might agree that it’s an extremely labor-intensive task. Given the motion and force that needs to be exerted in order to split the wood, the task can quite feel like a punishment. If you’re sick of cutting your firewood via manual labor, consider … Read more

What Hydraulic Fluid to Use In a Log Splitter

The nights are starting to get cold, and this means that winter is just a few weeks away. In anticipation of cozy nights around a crackling fire, you probably have stocked enough good quality firewood already. For a more convenient firewood cutting, you might want to ditch your traditional axe and shift to a log … Read more

What Kinds Of Wood Are Best For Splitting?

There are many different kinds of wood – in both softwood and hardwood categories. However, when it comes to hardness, diameter, and thickness, they are not all created equal. There are some species of wood that are very challenging to work with, and therefore should be avoided. Woods all have different characteristics, and it is … Read more

Tips For Log Splitting During Cold Weather

Can your wood splitter split any wood if it is frozen solid? If the splitter’s hydraulics are frozen, you are not going to be splitting any wood at all. There is a reason why people split firewood during the fall. It is just too cold to do so in the winter. Some folks will get … Read more

Longest Burning Logs

The Swedish Torch You will find that some of the best watches and knives come from the Swedish engineering. However, did you know that the Swedes have also come up with a great way to light a fire? Introducing the Swedish torch, which is going to take less wood to get a fire going and … Read more

Benefits Of Using a Log Splitter

Before purchasing any kind of machine, it’s best to find out whether it’s worth it or not. Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste your hard-earned cash on a piece of equipment that’s just not worth it. When it comes to purchasing a log splitter, the advantages can outweigh the drawbacks quite significantly. Although any … Read more

How to Use A Log Wood Splitter

Commercial log splitters have been used to cut high volumes of food for many years. The machines are no longer the preserve of professionals since you can now use a home version of the same equipment in your yard for varied projects. A log splitter can help you save a lot of time. It is … Read more

Easy Ways To Split Logs

You may have noticed that splitting wood has come a long way. You have to remember it all started with a simple axe. Now you have a lot of different powered tools that can help you out and one of those is kinetic gas log splitters. These are going to be efficient in the work … Read more

Horizontal Log Splitters vs Vertical/Horizontal Log Splitters

Horizontal log splitters work by laying the log on top of a splitter where a ram forces it against a stationary wedge, splitting it in two. For giant-sized logs, a vertical/horizontal log splitter is more suitable as it can be pivoted into a vertical position allowing the log to be rolled into position without lifting … Read more